The ORIGIN OIL offers you enough space for all your favorite products. In just a few minutes they are bioenergetically charged and cleared of interference.

  • Hexagonal water for maximum purity
  • Increase bioavailability of nutrients
  • Protect vitamins and minerals from decay
  • Experience essential oils more intensively
The effect of CUDU® technology proven by scientific cell studies!
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ECO friendly and made in Germany

We only use sustainable materials

Since I put my essential oils on the ORIGIN OIL for 15-30 minutes, my customers and I have noticed a significantly increased effect at a reduced dosage. Our water also tastes softer and rounder now.

Sabine Holler (doTERRA)

I have noticed, especially with water, that my patients experience a stronger detoxifying effect.

Astrid Buchner (alternative practitioner)

When I put my oils on the ORIGIN OIL, after a short while they smell even fresher than when I got them!

Corinna Dees (doTERRA)

Elevate your Water, elevate your Life!

From now on, only drink the highest quality, hexagonal water and feel the difference

With the CUDU®ORIGIN OIL this is possible!

Water, the source of all life

Water, the essential source of our life, is not only the largest part of our planet but also our bodies. The chemical composition and molecular structure of this life-giving element are critical to our health. In order to enter our cells, water must be freed from harmful substances and its molecular combination must be changed. This process leads to the formation of the fourth state of water, H3O2, hexagonally structured water with transforming properties.

This metamorphosis transforms water into a living elixir that penetrates our cells and ignites healing and vitality. It is the source of rejuvenation and vitality that lies hidden in every drop. In the depths of this liquid universe, the true power of water is revealed, permeating our existence and unleashing the wonders of life with every sip.

The power of hexagonal water

Healthy hydration

The body is optimally supplied with fluids and cell function is improved.

Nutrient absorption

Our body can absorb vital nutrients better.


Helps flush out toxins and waste products from our body.

Healthy digestion

Ensures smooth digestion and prevents constipation.

Strengthening the immune system

Supports our immune system to better fight off infections and diseases.

Energy and vitality

Helps fight fatigue and provide energy for the day.

Skin health

Contributes to radiant skin as it helps reduce blemishes.

Temperature regulation

Plays a central role in maintaining our body temperature.

Confirmed by water crystal analysis

The Water Studio Bodensee used water crystal analyzes to show how the CUDU® technology works on water. The result? All CUDU® products have a strongly invigorating, structuring effect!




Real life stories from our customers

Corinna Dees is a wellness ambassador at doTERRA

...and uses the CUDU®ORIGIN OIL for her essential oils and water


Transform your water into hexagonally structured EZ water.

Highest quality and sustainable materials
Made in Germany
Unique design
Breathtaking effect


Transform your water into hexagonally structured EZ water.

Highest quality and sustainable materials
Made in Germany
Unique design
Breathtaking effect