CUDU®CHIP 2.0 - Handy Elektrosmog Harmonisierer

Harmonizes electromagnetic radiation. With an adhesive surface on the back, the CUDU®CHIP 2.0 can be attached to any electrical devices.

  • Harmonizes e-smog and 5G
  • Strong adhesive surface
  • For all electrical devices
The effect of CUDU® technology proven by scientific cell studies!
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ECO friendly and made in Germany

We only use sustainable materials

CUDU®CHIP 2.0 - Handy E-Smog Harmonisierer

With the CUDU®CHIP 2.0
you can use your cell phone from now on
without harmful radiation

Do you feel tense and tired after long phone calls?
With the CUDU®CHIP 2.0 this is a thing of the past!

The CUDU®CHIP 2.0 - E-smog free throughout the day

Electrosmog has become an integral part of our modern world. We encounter strong electromagnetic fields everywhere, be it from cell phones, Wi-Fi networks or other wireless technologies, whether at work or at home.

Studies show that electromagnetic fields can affect our organism by damaging our cells. Long-term exposure is associated with various health problems - sleep disorders, headaches, fatigue and concentration problems are the consequences.

In this constant stream of connections and data, we often forget how these invisible waves affect our precious life energy. The CUDU®CHIP 2.0 is the solution. It offers effective protection by harmonizing harmful electromagnetic radiation and making it compatible with the body.

The application is simple: the chip is simply attached to the back of the smartphone or other electrical devices. The full functionality of your device is retained while the CUDU®CHIP 2.0 works in the background to neutralize the harmful effects of radiation.

Harmonizes e-smog and 5G

For cell phones, laptops and WiFi routers

Easy to attach

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